Asguard Art

Guarding your staked assets

The enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure of Asgaurd enables you to grow your cryptocurrency holdings securely. Boost your earnings by taking advantage of decentralized proof-of-stake consensus networks.

How it works

Step 1

Choose the amount of tokens you want to stake with AsGuard

Step 2

In the same manner as you would stake normally, delegate tokens to the Asguard validator

Step 3

Make sure you claim your returns and re-stake regularly to ensure compounding effects

Why Trust Us

Never-failing service

To ensure uninterrupted service, our systems use highly available, distributed and redundant nodes across multiple data centres in various geographical regions.

Cutting-edge security

We protect our validators from cyber and physical attacks through a robust, comprehensive security setup. Furthermore, we maintain a constant eye on operations with our global team and stay prepared to react immediately to any incidents, major or minor.

Top-of-the-line monitoring and automation

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is automatically configured to avoid the risks associated with manual deployment. A professionally designed key management system ensures effective and distributed control over cryptographic materials.

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